Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I can still remember the first time I walked into a local comic shop and saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles issue #4 on the shelf. I was instantly intrigued and fell in love with the TMNT! Imagine my surprise when I moved to Northampton Massachusetts and discovered that it was the home of Mirage Studios where the creators of the comic brought the TMNT to life. Now, years later, I feel incredibly fortunate to be friends with the Mirage gang. I also feel blessed that I was able to contribute to the comics before the TMNT license was sold to Nickelodeon. Here are some of my favorite TMNT contributions. The Highlight has to be Tales of the TMNT #29, which I wrote and illustrated!

Tales of the TMNT #29 written and illustrated by me.

Tales of the TMNT #17 pinup illustrated by me.

A limited edition poster for one of Ubisoft’s video games. Illustrated by Peter Laird and colored by me.

This was my very first piece of printed TMNT art. It was a pinup for an issue of TMNT.

Cover for Tales of the TMNT #42 illustrated by Dan Berger and colored by me.

These were spot illustrations for the Tales of the TMNT letters page. The grumpy fellow is a Triceraton and the robot is the Fugitoid. My first printer was an old dot matrix with connected sheet feeder… I imagine you can hear that distinctive zzzzzttt… zzzzzttt… zzzzzttt… sound as the Fugitoid prints out the letters 😀

These are some basic character sheets that I created while working on Tales of the TMNT #29. I made some changes to the outfits and that APC is my original design.