Battletech is a tabletop game played with dice and miniature metal robots. I have been a fan of Battletech since it was first released in the 80's and I am extremely proud to contribute artwork to their ongoing line of books and games. I have illustrated dozens of robots, or mechs as they are called, and vehicles for Battletech. Many of the mechs I draw are of my own visual design. All of the mechs you see here were visually designed by me, with exception of the Firefly which I heavily modified from the classic design. Metal minis have been made of at least 12 of my original designs for Battletech with more in the production pipeline.

The showcase for these designs are books categorized as Technical Readouts (TROs). I have art in two TROs and several other companion books.

● Technical Readout: 3085
● Technical Readout: Prototypes
● Historical: Operation Klondike
● Era Digest: Golden Century
● The Wars of Reaving
● Field Manual SLDF
● Interstellar Expeditions

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Omega Mech

Osprey Mech

Procyon Quad Protomech

Thunderbolt IIC Mech

Ironhold Battle Armor

Firefly Mech