Future Factory 3D printing event.

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Fu•ture Fac•to•ry n 1. An event to showcase the artistic merits of consumer level 3D printers. 2. The culmination of creativity, engineering and DIY culture. 3. A place where dreams come true. FF MK storefront

January 25th, 2014. Monster Kolor Studio and Gallery, Middleboro Massachusetts.  3 creative guys joined forces with Monster Kolor Studio to show the world how to make custom 3D printed toys. Sanjeev Selvaraj, Ben Mininberg , and David White brought their personal 3D printers to the Monster Kolor Gallery and set up displays of the robot themed toys they had each designed and printed. Matt Walker, owner of Monster Kolor hosted the event and was on-hand to organize the creative chaos. 8 curious individuals were lucky enough to score tickets that allowed them to work side-by-side with the artist to print a robot toy during the 6-hour event. The event was a blast and many other people, curious about 3D printing and custom toys, were on-hand to check out the scene. Each artist had prepared samples of their work beforehand, which were for sale during the event. I think it is safe to say that no one left unhappy or empty handed!

Links to the artist’s sites are at the bottom of this article.

 Ben, David, and Sanjeev.FF group

Some of Ben’s amazing hand-painted, 3D printed toys.FF Ben DipticSome of Sanjeev’s candy-like super robot inspired figures.FF Jeevs DipticFF Jeevs product 4

Some of David’s original 3D printed toys.FF Dave DipticFF Dave jet dipticFF Dave tank diptic

Sanjeev and David get ready for the event.FF Dave and Sanjeev

Ben “The future is right over there…”FF Ben

David’s Afinia H-Series 3D printer; Small but powerful.FF Dave setup

We all had so much fun at the event that we are currently planning another. Please contact Monster Kolor Studio with any questions or comments. Interest in the event was intense and the tickets sold out quickly so keep your ear to the ground for news about future events.

 Want to see more from the artists? OF COURSE YOU DO!

You can see more pictures and videos from the even at this link… http://www.flickr.com/photos/27474260@N08/sets/72157640218493534/

Doomkick’s review of the show… http://doomkick.com/monster-kolor-future-factory-3d-printing-class-coverage-64-pics/#more-12042

Ben’s review of the show… http://prometheusrising.net/2014/01/27/future-factory-at-monster-kolor-wrap-up/

David White AKA Mecha Zone

Instagram: http://instagram.com/mechazone#

Website: http://www.mechazone.com/

Ben Mininberg AKA Prometheum5 of Prometheus Rising Studios

Instagram: http://instagram.com/prometheum5#

Website: http://prometheusrising.net/

Sanjeev Selvaraj AKA Brownnoize

Instagram: http://instagram.com/brownnoize#

Website: http://brownnoize.blogspot.com/

Monster Kolor

Instagram: http://instagram.com/monsterkolor#

Website: http://www.monsterkolorstore.com/

Written by David A. White with photos by Melissa H.